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Auxiliary items available for the MicroFoundry:


Pressure feeds 5cc molten wax into rubber or silicone moulds giving dense patterns with all detail from the mould.
110v to 250v operation, supplied with thermometer, sample of pattern wax, funnel.
60 GBP + 6GBP postage (within UK)

Wax injector + thermometer + funnel + wax

Vacuum assistance is needed when moulds are complex and gravity feed is not able to fill all the details even with maximum venting. Aluminium table on base for 1 1/2inch (38mm) flask with extension tube and 1metre of 8mm bore silicone vacuum tube. User needs to provide 2.5 - 3 cfm vacuum pump, sold for air-con maintenance, costing about 60GBP (see ebay)
50 GBP + 6GBP postage (within UK)

Vacuum table

Vacuum assist setup

User needs to supply the mains powered 2.5cfm or 3cfm vacuum pump of the type sold on line for air-con maintenance.

Wax Injector and/or Vacuum Table travel post-free when ordered with a system.