E-mail: info@compucutters.co.uk

Customers are encouraged to collect their Pre-paid orders by appointment from Coventry, CV5 8BU where two hours of free tuition are offered to cover the safe operation of the system.

Sources of instruction on use of system:

A full manual on CD-rom is supplied with the MicroFoundry.
2-hours of FREE tuition is offered for people collecting their MicroFoundries from Compucut.
Support for users is available on line from info@compucutters.co.uk use topic heading 'MicroFoundry support'.
Instructional demonstration videos on Steedcraft YouTube channel, see Steedcraft Facebook page for info.


A free demonstration of melting / pouring any metal with a melting temperature up to 1100°C using MicroFoundry is offered to 2 visitors maximum (by appointment ) at CV5 8BU; e-mail richard@compucutters.co.uk for a convenient time/date.

'Hands-on' courses

1-on-1 'Hands-on' courses offered at Compucut: (1 visitor per course)
    1-Day course on Lost Wax Casting using MicroFoundry. 110 GBP
    1-Day course Mould making for Direct and Lost Wax casting. 110 GBP