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The X1 Project range are suitable for any home CNC projects that require a form of milling, engraving, routing or drilling.

Each configuration consists of a CNC enabled machine and the CompUCut System.

All the configurations, mill, engraver, lathe and custom specifications utilise the same common framework. This enables the machine to grow with the users requirements. The Mill is the ideal starting block as a milling machine provides such a good range of tooling. At a later date, as requirements change, the Mill can be easily upgraded to an Engraver by the addition of a new high speed spindle. As the Mill and Engraver only differ by this they can be quickly and easily interchanged.
The change from Mill or Engraver to Lathe is slightly more complex but only a matter of an hour.

CompUCut System

The CompUCut System provides the CNC software and interface between your PC and the machine. At the simplest level it provides a gentle introduction to CNC technology, providing up to 4-axis independently variable feed system with the following functions:

  • Continuous variable feed in forward and reverse
  • Multiple pass
  • Manual 'jog'
  • Programmable 'jog-step' distance
  • Real-time individual readout including on-line reset
  • Programmable readout units allow for any leadscrew/gearing combinations.
  • Programmable for imperial or metric leadscrews of any pitch


The Combi-Mill is suitable for any home CNC project as it provides X, Y, Z, A axis control for milling, routing and drilling. The Combi-Mill can easily handle making clocks, PCBs, landing gear for model aeroplanes, chassis components for RC cars and custom items.

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The Combi-Engraver is aimed at fine arts and craft workers that require a higher spindle speed and benefit from a light weight quill for delicate work. The Combi-Engraver is ideal for clock dials and jewellery.

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The Combi-Lathe is ideal for batch work or work that is intricately profiled such as whistles, chimneys and buffers for model locos, clock pillars and wheel and pinion blanks for clock making.

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Custom Configuration

Any configuration of the X1 Project range can be made to your specification, contact us to discuss you requirements.