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A brand new product introduced in December 2011:

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A 'desk top' scale foundry can be a useful tool for crafters who currently produce Brass, Bronze, Silver or Gold jewellery from stock wire/sheet or by sintering metal-clay and wish to take advantage of the improved accuracy and detail offered by lost wax investment casting particularly when multiple items of one piece of jewellery are required.


The Micro-Foundry has the lowest melting cost of any small scale precious metal melting system with a melt cost of 0.30 units (Kw.Hr) per 25g of Silver which in 2011 is less than 7-pence !!

Once the wax pattern has been designed by carving, moulding or machining it can be reproduced in Brass, Bronze, Silver or Gold in four hours !!

These examples of rings, a charm, O-gauge loco wheels and chessmen show what can be easily cast in your Micro-Foundry

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